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Top Quarkz

This card game supports development of maths, literacy and decision making skills all while learning about some of the most impressive scientific discoveries of our time and throughout history

Top Quarkz is fun on the move or at home. 

Ages: 6 to 106
Price: £7.99

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Newton's Rainbow

The Remarkablz Colouring Book is a great way to start budding scientists, engineers, inventors and the superheroes of tomorrow on the path to developing their own superpowers.

This unique colouring book consists of 35 hand drawn illustrations accompanied by short biography of each scientist and 4 design-your-own illustrations so you can create your own superheroes 

Age: 3+
Price: £4.95

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Black Hole

Black Hole is The Remarkablz meets the "Old Maid" card game. 

The goal of Black Hole is to form and discard pairs of cards and to ensure you're not the player left getting sucked into the Black Hole at the end of the game. why a Black Hole? It is the biggest threat any superhero could ever face.

Age: 3+
Price: £9.95

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Amazing. Unique and brilliant way of educating, celebrating and empowering women


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