About Us

Why The Remarkablz?
My daughter is four, and I have nieces and nephews of varying ages between 6–18 years of age. What I've noticed with all of them is that cultural barriers to nurturing an interest in STEM subjects starts young, very young. By age 4 my daughter is already pointing out what professions she thinks boys do versus girls. I also hear friends talk about their children not seeing the ethnic or physical diversity in many professions, including STEM, which leaves their kids without role models they can look up to.

So I set out to find role models my daughter, nieces and nephews could relate to, but also to find exciting ways for them to learn about such amazing people. Once we found a pool of strong models, her imagination soared. She found these people who create rockets, travelled through space or discovered comets to be superhuman. She would run down the road pretending to be Mae Jamison or Caroline Herschel and exclaiming she wants to visit Mars. For her, some pretty special superpowers would have to be used to travel to Mars. So why not turn them into actual superheroes where their real-life superpowers could be celebrated.

The Remarkablz was born and soon her friends started asking to play, and then friends of friends. Our hope is that The Remarkablz will inspire children around the world to discover their own superpowers.

The Remarkablz: Discover Your Superpower

Katherine Johnson, Mathematician , once said:
"I like to learn. That's an art and a science."